Frequently Asked Questions

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Are background checks done on Animators and volunteers?

As part of the training, all animators and volunteers are required to have completed Criminal Record Checks before they interact with the junior youth.

How large is a group and how often does it meet?

A junior youth groups consists of 10-15 members and usually meets for 2 hours every week.

Where do groups meet?

Groups usually meet in a common space, such as a community centre or library. 

What is an Animator?

We call facilitators of junior youth groups animators because their role is to bring joy and life into the activities of the group. An animator serves as a true friend and wise advisor to the junior youth, and is careful to not act in a paternalistic way.

Is the programme religious?

The programme is not religious in nature, and does not instruct participants in faith-based laws or teachings. It does use profound and universal moral standards to inspire them to take charge of their own development and contribute to the progress of their communities. The materials the programme uses are filled with moral concepts inspired by Baha'i principles, such as seeking hope in times of despair and striving for excellence in all things. 

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How does one become an Animator?

In order to become an animator, you participate in a training that helps you develop your capacity to work with junior youth. 

Which parts of Canada is the Junior Youth Empowerment Programme offered ?

The programme can be found in most Canadian cities. If you'd like more information please drop us a note.